Ford V6 Essex - 3 x Weber IDF Manifold

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Brand New for 2017!

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Ford V6 Essex Triple IDF Weber Manifold.

Developed in Australia for historic touring car racing (Capri MK I), this manifold is designed with performance in mind, but will be right at home on a mild street engine. 

Given the large option of carburettors available (36, 40, 44 & 48 IDF), a suitable carburettor can be selected for nearly any engine combination.

In racing trim, well over 300 BHP has been produced using 48 IDF Weber carburettors. 

All inlet runners are of equal length, and the carburettor barrels sit right on top of the cylinder head ports, ensuring optimal direct flow.

Due to the narrow V of the engine, and the larger size of the IDF Weber, the risers are used to give clearance of the throttle shafts on the rocker covers. The risers also help subtantially with creating more air speed (which means more torque). The risers can be machined to a lower height if required.

Height from Rocker Cover gasket surface to top of manifold (riser) is 50mm.

The risers are supplied with a 40mm Internal diameter and can be opened up to suit larger carburettors.

* the use of a small head distributor is required.

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