Weber 32/36 DGV Conversion kit - Rochester Varajet

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Lynx 32/36 DGV Weber Conversion kit to suit Rochester Varajet manifold

Click HERE to find the correct carburettor adaptor for your vehicle.

The full conversion kit part number is simply the carburettor adaptor part number with DGV replacing the KC (eg. KC218  becomes DGV218)

This conversion kit suits Rochester Varajet manifolds as fitted to GM engine. The mounting pattern is 100mm x (75mm & 86mm) It is not a perfect square shape.

Kit includes;

1 x Weber 32/36 DGV-5A manual choke carburettor (genuine Weber)

1 x KC218 adaptor kit

1 x RF658S Ramflo performance air filter

1 x KC917 universal cable linkage kit

The KC218 adaptor kit is a quality Australian casting and machined for a perfect fit every time. This ensures correct sealing and optimal flow. The Ram-Flo air filter supplied is a proven design offering excellent flow and filtration properties, along with an attractive appearance.

Where practical, we recommend using as much of the original throttle linkage assembly as possible. Some minor modifications may be required for installation. Instructions for installing adaptor plate and linkage assembly are included.

As the conversion kits we sell find their way onto different vehicles, fitted with different engines, with different modifications, in different climates and used under different conditions, it is virtually impossible to supply a carburettor with precise jetting for the application.

We supply the carburettor with factory Weber jetting of;

Primary: 140 main jet, 165 air corrector, 55 idle jet, F50 emulsion tube

Secondary: 135 main jet, 160 air corrector, 50 idle jet, F6 emulsion tube

These specs are a good starting point for most applications. Any new carburettor (claimed to be rejetted or not) fitted should be tuned to the specific engine it is installed on.

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